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Title: Cry For Me -Alder Academy Book 3

Author: Erin M Trejo

Genre: College enemies to lovers

Release date: 9th May 2020


He sits there with his feet kicked up on the table in front of him, a drink in his hand. He doesn’t glance over at me, just stares straight ahead. I’m worn out, my body aches as if I’ve been run over by a truck. My head pounds and my stomach turns as I think about what happened at the club.
“Don’t fucking throw up on my bed,” Knox says without looking over. I don’t know how he even knows I’m awake right now.
“I won’t.” I start to sit up when his eyes turn in my direction.
“Don’t do that either. Doc gave you some meds.” I ignore him and try to sit up anyway when the room spins faster. Bile races up my throat and explodes from my mouth. “Goddamn it, I said don’t throw up on my bed.”


When I ran into Liz, I knew she was trouble.
Lucky for me I like trouble.

She pushed my buttons and reminded me of someone I’d rather forget.

When our paths keep crossing, I know I need to walk away from her.

That’s not what happens though.

I’m drawn to her in the worst ways.

I want nothing more than to see her cry.

No, I want her to cry for me.


Cry for Me Bk 3

Dance for Me (1)

Stay with Me (2)

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