#BookReview NIGHT PRINCE by Felice Stevens #PNR #Vampires #KU

As steamy romance novels go, this one has all the ingredients—characters you can root for falling in love and struggling with the conflict that keeps them apart until they realise they are better together.

#BookReview NIGHT PRINCE by Felice Stevens #MMRomance

A story of intrigue, discovery and the corruption of ambition | REBORN #PNR

Rebornby Anne K. Whelan & Liz Cain(The Royal Pack Trilogy, #1)Publication date: August 13th 2021Genres: Adult, Paranormal, RomanceSynopsis: Imagine waking up on the edge of the woods with no memory of who you are or how you got there.When Aine finds herself in this situation, she must rely on the kindness of others to get back on her feet.With…