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Night Prince is about vampire prince Massimo who is betrayed by his brother and banished from the kingdom by his father to live in the human world. Centuries pass, and Massimo now exists in New York but keeps a somewhat solitary life with his trusted butler. However, he owns businesses across the globe. Then his butler brings home a stranger one day.

Damion is a runaway from his foster parents and stays with his best friend. But when his friend up and moves across the world to Thailand with his husband, Damion is back on his own. When he loses his job, he’s shocked to be taken in by Claudio, Massimo’s butler. Then Massimo offers him a job, and his life changes. As the two spend months together, falling in love is inevitable. But Massimo is keeping secrets about his true nature from Damion, and, more to the point, a reckoning is coming. His past is catching up with him.

As steamy romance novels go, this one has all the ingredients—characters you can root for falling in love and struggling with the conflict that keeps them apart until they realise they are better together. And of course enought action between the sheets to steam up the pages.

However, I have one teensy problem with Massimo being a vampire. Well, he had the traits, hunting for blood, avoiding sunshine and living for hundreds of years as the undead.

But that was it. He had no edge. He was so damn adorable and, at some moments, an overly whiny vampire. Except for the times when he had to go out once a month to feed, you could easily forget he was undead. He could be just another eccentric billionaire prince.

There were moments when I was screaming for him to grow a pair (of fangs)!

Massimo had spent many years away from his kind. So I thought he’d lost his otherworldliness and had become human in attitude, if not physically. But when we meet the rest of his clan, they all have cute human attributes, too, all sweet and mushy. The only person who displayed an ounce of darkness or ruthlessness was the villain.

Maybe I’m used to reading dark vampire stories. I like the kind that keeps me at the edge of my seat. This one was tooth-achingly sweet.

I know many people will enjoy this steamy mushy romance, just like I did. But if you’re looking for vampires that bite, you might want to look elsewhere.


From Lambda Literary Award winning author Felice Stevens comes a sexy paranormal stand-alone romance.

A vampire who’s lost everything meets a man who has nothing to lose.

For centuries, Massimo D’Alba, banished prince of the Fold, has wandered through life frozen in darkness and pain. Betrayed by his younger, power-hungry brother, he’s existed for centuries but not lived. A rain-soaked night brings smart-mouthed New Yorker, Damion Avery, to his doorstep and suddenly he’s riding spin bikes, shopping for yoga pants, eating ice cream…and falling in love.

Damion Avery can’t figure out why Prince Tall, Dark, and Incredibly Sexy wants him as his personal assistant, but he’s not going to second-guess his good luck. Even though he has to work all night and sleep during the day, the job is too good to be true. But where does Massimo sneak off to in the dead of night? Is he a spy, an assassin, or something else? And what’s with those glowing purple eyes? Damion knows he shouldn’t fall for his boss. But Damion was never one to follow the rules.

When duty calls him home, Massimo must return to save his kingdom, forcing a life-changing decision: leave Damion behind forever, or reveal his deepest, darkest secret to the man who has become his everything, who owns a part of Massimo he’d thought gone forever…his heart. 



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  1. Love the review. Very honest and thoughtful.

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    1. Karissa Thorpe says:

      Thank you. It’s a good book. I just have certain expectations when I read about vampires 🙂

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      1. I get that – so do I. 😉

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