Sometimes I just want the indulgence of a naughty read. #RockinReads #Giveaway


Welcome to Rockin Reads Hop which runs from Sept 23rd to Sept 30th. We’re celebrating books that rock. Over here I’m giving away $5 paypal cash.

Instead of giving you list of books that I love (they are too many to list), I’m going to tell you about an author whose books I enjoy more often than not.

I’m one of those reads with very little time on my hands. I have a young family and I run a small business. So time is a very precious commodity for me. So when I sit down to read, I want to switch off from everything else. I don’t want to think about the kids or projecting sales revenue for the next year. Most of the time I want a quick read and a story that moves along at a fast pace. So I tend to read books with word counts of less than 75000 words. Anything more and I’d never finish it in one sitting. And once I put it down, God knows when I’ll get back to it unless it’s absolutely intriguing. Perhaps when the kids finish from Uni which is still years away or i become a millionaire, I’ll have the time to kill. Sometimes I just want the pure indulgence of a fun and naughty read. I don’t want to analyze any subtexts in the literature or even solve mega puzzles. I just want to submerge in the stories and go on a sexy ride with the characters.

So whenever I want a fun, quick and sexy read where I can suspend disbelief for the next hour or so, then I pick up one of Alexa Riley‘s books. The ones I read include Owning Her Innocence, Owning The Beast (which I didn’t necessarily think was as good as Owning Her Innocence) Pulling Her Trigger, Virgin Duets. I’ve got the Forced Submission boxset to-read and also Coach which should be fun. Most of her books are available on Kindle Unlimited, so you can always give one of them a try. A note of warning, her (female) characters tend to be virgins although in Virgin Duets both male and female leads are virgins. As I said, if you enjoy dirty-talking characters and raunchy sex scenes and are willing to suspend disbelief for 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy her stories.

Now for the giveaway. Check out the rafflecopter link and complete the entries.

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