Review – “A Very Bad Billionaire”

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A Very Bad Billionaire

“A Very Bad Billionaire (BWWM Contemporary Romance Novel)”

by Vivian Ward

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4/5 Stars!


A headstrong employee and a determined billionaire. Definitely makes for interesting “bedfellows.”

Natalia Queens needs a job and the household of Kaiden Melrose requires a new head of housekeeping. Natalia gets the job with the help of a friend, but from her first day, the road is a rocky one. She judges him as a playboy, and he totally ignores her upon their first introduction. Story over, right? Not even. Battle lines are drawn when Natalia finds compromising photos of Kaiden, and she quickly (a bit too quickly FOR ME) goes from accused blackmailer to being part of the plan to catch the real blackmailer.

This is where Natalia and I had problems.

Don’t get me wrong – I like her. She’s gutsy, a hard worker and grounded in her beliefs. Perhaps a…

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  1. Musings IRJ says:

    I think I’ll read this one by the author because I’m interviewing her very soon and haven’t read any of her work. Thanks for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karissa Thorpe says:

      Happy reading!


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