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Sicario_Banner3Hello, good people. Today I bring you an exclusive chapter excerpt that you won’t read on any other blogs from a hot new release, Sicario: A Novel by Kai Tyler.

Let me tell you a little about this book. Imagine an alternate reality where major governments have fallen and are now controlled by cartels. Imagine a world where that lines are blurred between who is good and who is bad. This is the dystopian environment you’ll find in the World’s End series.

Sicario is a thriller about surviving in a brutal world where loyalties can turn in the blink of an eye. It’s also a love story about a mob hit man who falls for the man he was sent to kill and suddenly finds himself on the nasty end of a gun barrel.

Now, let’s get to that excerpt: It’s a sexy one. Be warned 


Chapter Twenty


Breath rushed out of me as if he’d punched my lungs. This couldn’t be happening. I should step away. End this. But I couldn’t move.

His eyes flickered over my face, as he said in a soft voice, “Use me.”

His fingers traced my erection, tenting blue denim, and I let out a hiss. He grinned a little. “Let me get you off.”

I opened my mouth in what I can only class as a weak protest, until he rubbed my erection through my clothes.

“Okay,” I said in a gruff voice, groaning as his hand went up and down, teasing my rigid cock through the fabric. For a moment, I forgot everything else. I wanted his lips wrapped around my cock, swallowing my cum.

He pulled my shirt free of the trousers and pushed the fabric up far enough to ghost his mouth across my hard stomach muscles. Nobody had done this for me in months.

What was he expecting in return? I couldn’t help wondering.

Unable to resist his allure, I leaned down and grabbed his face with both hands, giving him a thorough kiss.

Fuck! This was such a bad idea if I wanted to end this anytime soon. He tasted better than anything I’d had in a long time. I wanted to lay him flat out on the ground and taste the rest of his body.

When I lifted my head, he was staring at me with a glazed look. I liked that I had that effect on him.

“What would you like me to do?” he asked in a husky voice.

I could see from the expression on his face that perhaps he wanted more. But I wasn’t ready for that. I wasn’t even mentally prepared for this. I was just letting my body sate its need. I cupped his chin and held his head in place. “The way you touch me is fucking amazing. I’ll let you carry on.”

“It feels good to finally do this for you. I’ve wanted to do this from the first day I saw you.”

He’d wanted to do this from that day in the auction house? Wow.

Sucking in a deep breath, I planted my feet apart as he unzipped my trousers and reached into my briefs to cup my erection. I didn’t drop eye contact as I pushed the jeans farther down my thighs.

He stared at the outline of my cock. No one seeing him now on his knees stroking my cock would think he had bought me. Right now, I looked like I owned him. Like I was in control. I liked the sight of him on his knees, warm air from his breath fanning me.

I could barely catch my breath as my body overheated. I suddenly wished I had no clothes on.

“Keep going,” I said.

He was quick to obey and pushed down my briefs. My cock sprang free, thick and long, the base cleanly shaved. His hands drifted over my balls, fingers teasing and probing.

“You really are perfection,” he said.

I jerked, letting out a shaky breath as he continued his exploration.

With the flush of arousal, I don’t think I had any more blood left for important bodily functions. At this stage, I was far too aroused to deny him anything. If he asked me to fuck him, I wasn’t sure I could deny him any longer.

The amount of control he seemed to have over my body should have alarmed me, but it didn’t. I wanted more of him. Pure and simple.

His hand drifted down to my cock, and I was lost. He worked his hand up and down my length with a sure grip. He slid a finger through the leaking slit, maintaining eye contact, and a groan slipped past my lips. He had picked up quite a rhythm by this time.

My eyes drifted shut, the tendons in my neck tensed, and my balls tightened. I was close. But I wanted to come in his mouth.

“Slow down,” I said, my voice thick and husky with arousal.

He pumped my cock through his tight fist twice more before groaning, slowing down, and engulfing me fully in his mouth.


He bobbed up and down on my hard cock like I was candy. Every time he pulled back, my hips jerked upward to reclaim every inch of space in his mouth.

“Damn it,” I swore, my breathing fast and heavy.

Pulling back just enough so the tip remained in his mouth, his lips curled into a smile. Then he was back tonguing the leaking slit. He took his time exploring my shaft, running his teeth along the length and then sucking me down to the root.

I watched him, eyes half-closed. My nostrils flared, filled with the scent of my arousal and his. My cock towered in front of his face, precum making the swollen head shiny and slick.

I tunneled my fingers through his hair, tugging him close.

He understood my unspoken demand. He took me back into his mouth and I face-fucked him like he was a toy purely for my entertainment.

“Jack yourself,” I ordered.

He tugged his swollen erection out and pumped furiously as he groaned around me. My fingers tightened in his hair and the tip of my cock rammed the back of his throat repeatedly. I surged between his lips again and again, my hips jerking and taking a life of their own as I thrust for what my life was worth.

His eyes went wide, but he didn’t try to push me away. Instead, he took everything I gave. The vision of his total submission to me was my undoing. My balls tightened and hot blasts of cum jetted out of me into his open mouth.

He licked every drop from my cock. I closed my eyes for a minute, enjoying the moment, that satisfaction that came after bone-melting sex.

I opened my eyes and stared at him as he leaned back on his heels, his spent cock in his cum-covered hand. Slowly, I pulled my briefs and trousers back up. I could get used to this. I could take him up on this offer. If I ordered him to strip and get on his hands and knees, he would let me fuck him right here on the decking. I would enjoy it too.

But another thought strayed into my mind, souring my mood. One day, I’d get off this island and exact my revenge on the people who had destroyed my life. One day, I’d leave him.

Sicario_Teaser9Here’s the blurb:

Sold by his parents and bred in a lab, Lexan Cesare is trained for one purpose—to execute his boss’s orders. In the mafia life, loyalty is everything. Emotions have no place and he never questions the rights or wrongs of the decisions that send him to terminate lives again and again. Until one assignment draws emotions he’s never felt before and makes him question his true allegiance.

When a stranger walks into Enzo Mattia ranch in search of a job, his life is changed irrevocably. He is ripped apart from his family and everything he knows and ends up sold into slavery. He swears to mete revenge on all who have wronged him.
First he has to escape from his new owner, Lexan, a man who captivates him and makes him want to act on impulses he’s suppressed for a long time. Impulses that can lead to death.

With corrupt lawmakers and deadly cartels, the world is in flux. Loyalties shift at the speed of a bullet and betrayal abounds. In the new world falling in love is just a death wish.

This is a full length male/male romantic thriller set on a dystopian earth.

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The first book of the series, Duce, is on 99cents sale. You can check it out here.

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