#FreebieFriday Into The Heat by Tamara Lush

tamara lush


A veteran with PTSD gets a second chance at first love.

After a bomb nearly killed Leo Villeneuve in Afghanistan, he’s worked to hide his scars, both physical and emotional. Back on Palmira Island, he tries to live a quiet life, away from his troubled past.

Until he runs into Jessica Clarke.

She was his first love and his only love. She’s so beautiful that Leo knows he wants everything from her. But Jessica’s got secrets of her own.

Together, bared and vulnerable, Leo and Jess might just get to that hot, sweet place that reconciles the past with a fire that will burn forever.

This is a standalone in the Burning Secrets trilogy — the books don’t need to be read in order!

Grab your FREE copy (Free at the time of posting)


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