#Reblogged #FictionFriday Her husband’s threatening words echoed

You can’t leave me and you know why.

Her husband’s threatening words echoed in Kike’s mind as she stood in the oppressive and humid Lagos heat outside a dove-coloured walled duplex in Dolphin Estate. Tightness in her chest made it difficult to breath.

“Here you go,” the estate agent’s cheery sing-song voice floated in the air like musical notes accompanied by the jingle of the keys in her manicured hand.

 “Thank you, Donna. Wait for us out here.” Kike forced a smile to hide the apprehension knotting her belly as she glanced at the unlocked front door. Her future lay beyond the maroon-painted wooden slab. A place she would call home if she followed through with her plans.

 “Yes, Ma’am.” The lady stepped aside, smile still plastered on her face.

Kike would give it to the younger woman. She always seemed bright and bubbly. The kind of vivaciousness few men could resist. Even Freddie had been attracted to her when they’d met at a party, weeks ago.

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