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Sequel to Dark Rider

Cax, Alisander and Hark are mated, but the true test of their devotion for each other awaits.  

The three warriors must face the challenge of joining the Mercenary Guild.  Since their union is unusual, they must undergo a test, one that will show if they are worthy of being Mercenaries.  A potion sends them into an alternate world where they each must confront an inner demon.  

Ali must find his warrior self, Hark is sent to confront the dragon he never got to slay, and Cax can’t stand the thought of losing either mate, until he is sent into a battle with both Hark and Ali needing help.  He must choose one, but how can he?  

It is a journey each must face…alone.

Be Warned: menage sex (mmm), m/m sex


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