#FreebieFriday #InterracialRomance @TwylaTurner11 | Scarred

“The Damaged Souls trilogy is a triumph! Poignant, brutal, heartbreaking and yet sexy, joyful and playful.” ~ Afrodyt, Guilty Pleasures

Alexis Bolden has seen her fair share of tragedy and experienced enough abuse to last a lifetime. Witnessing the double murder-suicide of her parents and dealing with a string of abusive losers, Lexi often found comfort in the brutal ritual of ‘cutting’. And now, narrowly escaping with her life after the last episode of abuse, Lexi finally finds the courage to press charges and start a new life.
Meanwhile, Sloan Stryker, a war veteran suffering from the physical and internal scars of war and bouts of PTSD, has found himself estranged from his disapproving parents, no job and homeless.
Through a chance meeting and dramatic rescue, an unusual friendship develops between these two wounded people. Can they work past their damaged souls to finally come together? Find out in Twyla Turner’s new erotic romance, Scarred…accompanied by a sensual auditory journey.

***Disclaimer: This novel contains sensitive and tense themes, i.e. domestic violence, rape and the violence of war. May not be suitable for some audiences.******Adult content 18+ ONLY***

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