#BookRelease Under The Influence by Nikki Belaire #HolidayRomance @NikkiBelaire



Title: Under The Influence 

Author: Nikki Belaire


Amazon US: https://goo.gl/22N6Mj
Amazon UK:https://goo.gl/EXz7MJ

Amazon CA: https://goo.gl/hbGWTE

Amazon AU: https://goo.gl/7eVSvp

Synopsis ↓

I hate him. But, I’m tough. I can handle being dumped. What I can’t handle is him acting like I meant nothing to him 

when he knew he was my everything. I’m over it. I’m over him. I’ve moved on and have everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m finally happy. At least I should be. I want to be. I pretend to be. Now he’s back. With reasons for leaving that I don’t understand or believe. But, I don’t care anymore what he says or does. I can’t trust him. No matter how hard he tries to win me back. 

I’ll never forgive him.


She hates me. My girl’s tough. She put up with all my bullshit until I had to let her go and act like she wasn’t the only good thing in my life. I never got over it. I never got over her. But I pretended like I did to keep her safe. Until she tried to move on with some bastard who thought he could have her for himself. Could make her happy again after I almost destroyed her. Now I’m back. I know her secrets, and she knows mine. What kills me is that she doesn’t believe me. Doesn’t care what I say or do. But I’ll prove to her she can trust me. No matter what it takes, I will get her back. She’ll forgive me.  And, even if she doesn’t, she’ll still be mine.

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