Sexuality and its impact on history #British #Women #History

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Title: SEXUALITY AND ITS IMPACT ON HISTORY: The British Stripped Bare ➜➜

Author: Hunter S. Jones

Genre: History/UK/Women & Gender/Sexuality

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Learn of the scandals and romance that shaped Great Britain. This provocative collection of essays depicts the cultural and societal kinks of the British, from the Anglo-Saxons, Medieval, Tudor, Regency, and Victorian eras.

Discover the ménage that changed the course of the Anglo-Saxon throne, go undercover to explore Courtly Love, learn about the business of Tudor and Regency marriages. Read of a possible dalliance involving Queen Anne Boleyn, and the controversial marriages of Mary, Queen of Scots. Peek into the bedrooms of Victorian prostitutes.

Each story provides shocking detail about what was at the heart of romance throughout British history.



Pen and Sword (paperback)

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