#FreebieFriday Taming Kane, Claiming Mia by Nichole Lynn #Interracial #Romance

nichole lynn

Leaving the freelance world for a permanent writing gig at the highly successful CHIC Magazine should satisfy Mia Childs, right? Wrong. Mia wants her own column, and she knows getting in good with her editor, Tinley Malone, can make that happen. Thing is, Tinley has her own agenda, getting back at her ex, physical therapist Kane Parker for breaking her heart, and using Mia to make it happen.

Convincing Mia she’s the best writer at the magazine, Tinley offers Mia her own column ~ if Mia agrees to expose Kane as a “toxic bachelor” by any means necessary. Mia jumps at the opportunity, almost as crazy as Tinley to believe she can make a man love her and then bring him to his knees.

There’s only one problem. Kane. Mia finds it hard to concentrate when the very sight of Kane makes her heart race and her body ache with wanting him. When she successfully infiltrates herself into Kane’s world and family, she begins to fall head over heels for him and wonders if Kane is the toxic bachelor Tinley believes him to be…
…And if he isn’t, will he love her when he learns Mia’s true identity?

Grab your copy (Free at the time of posting)

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