Playing Dirty has never been this much fun @MmmTess #sexyromance

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Title: Playing Dirty
Author: Tess Summers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: San Diego Social Scene Book 3

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Playing Dirty has never been this much fun.

I’m a career woman. I wear success like a second skin, and I’m rarely satisfied with anything less than the best. This includes my love life. If you want to date me, you better bring your A game because I don’t play with the B team.
The only type of commitment I’m interested in is the one I have with my career. There is no man strong enough to tame me. Bold enough to rattle me. Or confident enough to win my heart. But then again, I have never met a man like Luke Rivas.

Cassie is one feisty, fiery, demanding woman who has enough confidence to intimidate even the bravest of men. She’s driven, ambitious, and clearly has no interest in anything more than a casual fling.
But here’s the thing. I want her, and once I have her, there will be nothing casual about it.
I will crack through that tough exterior she wears so well and bend her into submission. I’ll make her break every one of her own damn rules just for me. And in order to accomplish just that…
I’m willing to play dirty.

Book 3 in the San Diego Social Scene series can be read as a stand alone. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers, and, of course, a HEA.

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