Is electric attraction enough to break down their barriers? @poppypbooks #Romance


Title: First Time Player: A Geek Romance
Author: Poppy Parkes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Is electric attraction enough to break down their barriers?

First Time Player is a sweet and hot instalove nerd romance. Wes is defying his parents’ expectations to go into tech, Ana owns the best damn video game store in town. They meet at a geek convention, and the attraction is instant and undeniable. But is that hunger enough for them to break through their barriers and satisfy their cravings for connection?

Wes is the consummate golden child in his family and has the world at his finger tips — but he risks it all to follow his dream of designing apps for video gamers. And now he’s making it, finding success against all the odds.

When he meets Ana — owner of the best damn video game store in town, if she does say so herself — at his first gaming con, he feels an instant connection that makes him crave her like no other. 

And Ana feels it, too, powerfully. But she’s been hurt so many times by the men she’s met while scouting new tech at these events, and she’s afraid to trust that it’s safe to open her heart to Wes. But she wants to — and wants him. Badly.

Will Ana let herself fall for this man who seems to be everything she’s been craving? And Wes has a secret that could drive her crazy, but he’s not sure how to tell her. 

This is a sweet and sassy instalove novella from the author of The Light Between Us books, and sure to please fans of quick ’n’ dirty romances. 


Author bio: Poppy Parkes is the author sweet and sassy love stories, including The Light Between Us and Finding Me and You. Poppy writes, paints, and dreams in Montana, where she raises her two sons. She is in love with luscious color, moon-gazing, and dancing wild. And coffee. And wine. And chocolate. You know how it is. 


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