He is the last thing she needs @ellie_danes #Romance #kindleunlimited

Title: Southbound 
Author: Ellie Danes 
Genre: Billionaire Romance 
Add to your TBR – Goodreads 
Six months ago my new life was supposed to start.
It should have been amazing. Dramatic. Perfect.
A great job, the perfect man, our wedding.
My life was all wrapped up with a pretty little bow on top.

But sh*t happens, and to me, it happened all at once when that perfect man decided to cheat on me with my less than perfect best friend and co-worker.

Now I have a new plan with new rules.
Trust no one and hold on to my heart.
It worked perfectly until Gage Hawkins showed up.
Beach billionaire and town savior.

I want to hate everything about him.
His stunning good looks, his perfect smile, that damn southern charm and his piles of money.

He’s the last thing I need, but what I want the most.
And when he kisses me, all my senses are southbound.

Southbound is a billionaire romance that is hotter and wetter than a summer in the Keys.




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