#BookRelease VICE by @AzaleaDunn #interracial #MCRomance

Azalea Dunn finally has her debut book out. Check it.

As the VP of the Knights of Hellfire MC, Oswald “Oz” Black is duty bound to hate the Iron Scorpions MC.  Seven years ago, the rivalry between the clubs led to bloodshed. To put an end to the violence between the two factions, Oz was forced to give up the only woman he has ever loved, the stepdaughter of the Iron Scorpions’ President.  After seven years, Oz has transformed himself from lowly prospect, to the hard riding, hard drinking VP of the most ruthless MC in the criminal underworld. But Jodi is still untouchable, off limits.  Except, he can’t stay away anymore. 

When Jodi Cunningham-Reed was banished from town, she had to leave Oz behind forever.  Her stepfather is President of the Iron Scorpions, so she’s loyal to her stepfather and his club. For seven long years she has stayed away from the ruthless biker she left behind, knowing that if they’re found together, her stepfather won’t hesitate to kill Oz.  But one night, Jodi can’t resist the pull of the outlaw biker she used to love. She finds herself giving in to desire one last time.  Or so she thinks. When Jodi realizes she’s pregnant with Oz’s baby, her forbidden affair can no longer stay secret.

Vowing to save Oz from the wrath of two MCs, Jodi is ready to run away and leave him behind all over again.  Too bad Oz isn’t letting her go this time. He will claim her and his child, even if it costs him his life.


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