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Something Different for Christmas by Danyelle Scroggins
“A perfect read for the holiday season.” – Amazon reviewer
“This book is going on my favourite Christmas list… sweet and steamy and adorable” – Goodreads reviewer
I’m as successful as Lady O if you asked my mother.
But lately, successful, saved, and satisfied is equaling stale, sarcastic, and stagnate.
I’m teaching young, gifted adults to become intellectually credible, all the while wondering what has intellect gotten me? A nice house, car, and an empty bed that I refuse to allow anyone I know to lay in. I’ve outgrown satisfaction by self-sabotaging acts of sins and if another man ever gets close enough for me to take the bed, it’s going to be after the night he and I wed.
So for now, I’m about to ditch my life.
New York City and my best friend is calling my name.
Food, fun, and my bff and the turn up is about to be real.
Nonetheless, I never anticipated Pierce Jansen.
He is an intellectual, billionaire, and he loves the chocolate skin I’m in. Pierce also wants to do things to my body I’m not willing to let go down. All I wanted for Christmas was food, fun, fellowship, and a good vacation.
This tenacious, handsome, wealthy, older gentleman is trying to turn my vacation into a blissful stay-cation. But did I mention, he’s caucasian, wants to be married now, and for me, this is definitely Something Different For Christmas.

Grown and Sexy for Christmas by Ja’Nese Dixon
“This is a Christmas story that rivals those Hallmark stories.” – Goodreads reviewer
“sexy, charming, swoon-worthy, and kept me entertained from start to finish” – Goodreads reviewer
Life isn’t what I bargained for.
I live across the country without my family and my girls—a sacrifice I made for my career. But it only leads to another glass ceiling and a bunch of bureaucracies because I have two legs instead of three.
After yet another disappointing annual review, my best friend and I meet in New York City. I give myself thirty days to figure out what the hell I plan to do next, and while I figure it out, Quanie’s ’bout to get her groove on.
I’m about to party.
Eat too much.
Drink too much.
However, what I don’t expect is Carson Wellington.
He’s grown, sexy, and loaded. He wants all the things I can’t give him—a wife, family, forever. Not when I’m torn about my career, where I want to live, and whether it’s time to give up on my dreams.
Now isn’t the time for love, or him, or mistletoe… or Carson’s steamy kisses.
But he’s a man not used to hearing the word no, and somehow my plans clash with his plans, and my girls’ trip turns into a Christmas I’ll never forget.

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