#BookReview Mean Machine by Aleksandr Voinov #gayfiction #sportromance

Set in a dystopian Britain, this is a journey to redemption and love and finding himself for Brooklyn Marshall, an ex-copper who became a convict for accidentally killing the daughter of an influential man. The story is told from Brook’s perspective. Boxing gives him the chance to pay off his debts to society and puts him on the path to glory. Along the way are Nathaniel who might just capture his heart. But Brook may not be quite ready for the emotional vulnerability that a relationship with Nathaniel involves. There are many richly drawn secondary characters. Rose and Em were my favourites. This is one of my fave authors when it comes to gritty romantic queer fiction. As always, Aleks delivered another brilliant read.

Enjoyment 💖💖💖💖💖

Angst: 😫😫😫

Heat: 🔥🔥🔥

Got my copy from Amazon


For a boxer ravaged by guilt and in deep denial of his desires, a fight beyond the ring might yield his greatest prize.

In a dystopian UK devastated by austerity and ruled by corporate interests, Brooklyn Marshall was a happily married London police officer—until an accident resulted in the death of a protester connected to a powerful family. Now he takes out his anger and pain on his opponents, fighting for the company that took him into stewardship after his conviction and disgrace—and which all but owns him.

Wealthy barrister Nathaniel Bishop fulfills his dream of a family when he adopts a daughter. He can’t resist researching her allegedly violent criminal father, but Brook isn’t at all what he expects. He’s fascinating… and maybe worthy of redemption. Through legal sleight of hand, Nathaniel thinks he can overturn Brook’s conviction.

Brook has learned the hard way not to trust anyone, let alone a privileged man who’s purchased his “time.” But as they get to know each other, he allows himself to hope.

With his fights getting deadlier, hope might be the only thing to carry Brook through.

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