#BookRelease The Illegitimate Prince by @EmpiBaryeh #ContemporaryRomance

Title: The Illegitimate Prince

Author: Empi Baryeh

Series: Royal House of Saene #7

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: royalty, revenge, soulmates, second chance

Release date: Nov 26, 2021


Financier, Kalahari Asanti, specialises in corporate takeovers, but his next conquest is personal. The Kingdom of Bagumi owes him a great debt, one he intends to collect from King Ibrahim Saene, the father he’s never met and the man he holds responsible for his mother’s death.

Princess Edina Dampare is to be engaged and trying to accept the undeniable truth—no man will ever reach her on the same level as the stranger who imprinted on her soul when she wantonly yielded her innocence to him the one forbidden night she allowed herself to put desire before duty.

Kal’s quest for revenge brings him face-to-face with the woman who’s been haunting his dreams for the past eight months. Now the man who grew up with nothing is determined to reclaim everything the Royal House of Saene took from him…including her.


Smashwords: http://ow.ly/TQbz50DNM4n

Amazon: http://ow.ly/Xoxg50DNM4l

Apple: http://ow.ly/BssZ50DNM4p

B&N: http://ow.ly/qrrI50DNM4m

Kobo: http://ow.ly/LPwl50DNM4o

Okadabooks: http://ow.ly/WVSJ50GWR82

Scribd: http://ow.ly/fx6l50GWR85


1 entrant wins a £10 gift card to use in the Love Africa Press bookstore website.

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