Read an excerpt from BOTTOM BELLE by @Camaa_Pearl #agegap #InterracialRomance


George Van Cleef has heard a lot about Lagos girls. This one is the exception.

“All I think about when I’m with you is sex, but I feel too guilty to act on it.”

Chiluba, a young and successful fashion designer, is introduced to her best friend’s uncle, George, the kingpin of the West African fabric industry to launch a project. They soon find there’s a lot they have in common other than the African fashion and fabric industry.

The second book in the Lagos Lovin’ series about a materialist caught between being loyal to her best friend and following her heart.

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The evening progresses with Zoya and Chiluba having side discussions, with Chiluba smiling cautiously at me sometimes.


You know you were not thinking of her as a child when she innocently leaned forward to show you the document.

More reason I shouldn’t encourage her to have anything to do with me. Will she even be interested in the idea of having me as a partner? Hmm… I swirl what’s left of my drink, watching the girls banter.

She did not react when she caught me staring, which means she is used to being stared at. She is at ease with the effect she has on my kind. That spells out multiple things, with the highest ranking one being that she knows the power her body has and is not against using it.

I’ve seen how some of my friends—married, separated, divorced, widowed and single ones—complain about their girlfriends and their spending habits. Some are even happy to spend on them. And I’ve heard the lengths some girls go through to have men like me. I don’t give them room, so they can’t touch me. But encountering Chiluba has me reconsidering my stance on the issue. She is pretty, no doubt about that, but will also be high maintenance.

When it’s time for me to leave, Chiluba turns, and our eyes meet. She brushes a stray strand of hair from her face. “Another thing I haven’t mentioned to you this evening is that I have sent a proposal to Silhouette, but I’m yet to hear back. I will really love to have a go at this idea—with your help, I mean. Can I please get your direct contact?”

“Don’t worry.” I smile, hating myself for withdrawing myself from this young woman’s dream because of a new weakness I just discovered in myself. “My PA will ensure everything is set. I need to leave now; you ladies can have anything extra on my tab.”

“Thank you, Uncle George.” Zoya smiles, getting up to hug me.

“Please, don’t hijack me like this next time.” I whisper into her ear.

She giggles, withdrawing. “I’m not promising.”

“Thank you, Mr.—Uncle George.” Chiluba says, flipping her hair before clasping her hands together. The innocent position causes her breasts to jut forward, and I mentally tap myself to concentrate.

“My pleasure.” She doesn’t stretch her hands, so I continue. “I look forward to our meeting.” I smile, then walk towards the exit accessible by only premium members of The Deviant.

Dáre is beside me within seconds, his energy contagious. “I told you she was setting you up.”

Shaking my head, I indulge him by listening so him rant and rave about how smart Zoya is. “And that looked like a good one, too.”

The moment we settle into the car, he asks, “So, what’s the plan?”

“If anyone called Chiluba, or anything related to 34 Thread comes up. Please ignore it.”

Chiluba is trouble. I don’t want to bite more than I can chew.


“I don’t want to know anything about it.” My tone sends the message to him and his countenance changes with an understanding. “This is an order.”

“Okay, sir.”

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