Stories that make you throw your eReader at the wall #MondayBlogs #amreading

Most of the time when I read a book I didn’t enjoy, I just move along and pick up another book without saying anything about it or leaving a review.

However, there are times when a book rouses very strong emotions and I’ve just gotta vent.

First of all, I’ve got to vent about stories that masquerade as romance novels.

Why do some authors label erotica as romance?

I read erotica. I’m not ashamed of it. But it pisses me off when I buy a book expecting a romantic story and get pure erotica instead.

Secondly, why do some writers equate being submissive to being spineless and senseless?

We get a female character who supposedly has her act together. But the minute she likes a male Dominant, her sanity and safety flies out of the window.

In this story, whose title I shall not mention, I was cringing and screaming the sub’s safeword through most of the scenes because safe, sane and consensual just didn’t exist.

This brings me on to the male Doms in this story. There were two of them but they seemed to only have one brain between them. And that’s being generous.

We are supposed to believe that the pair were self-made billionaires. Seriously I was rolling my eyes heavenwards every time they opened their mouths and spoke. They sounded like school boys half the time. The other half tbey behaved like cavemen.

That’s the other thing. Caveman behaviour is not attractive on supposed billionaires. If you want to write a caveman story, write one set in prehistoric time. There are authors writing stories about hermits and jungle men, etc etc. Join them if you will.

But don’t give me a caveman masquerading as a 21st century billionaire. Seriously. Don’t.

I guess I’m so pissed off about this story because it seemed to start well but declined rapidly about a quarter way in when we got into one of the male POVs. I hoped things would improve but they didn’t especially in the cringe-inducing sex scenes.

Oh well. Now I’ve vented, I feel better.

Hopefully the next book will be better.

Do you have a romantic menage story to recommend? I really don’t mind the set up as long as they are consenting adults and there is one male character in the mix. Also, I’d like a HEA.

Please NO harems or reverse harems! Thank you.

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  1. APPLAUSE!! That’s what I’m saying! If it’s erotica, say so! Labeling it romance in hopes no one will notice will only alienate readers. I rolled my eyes so hard on a read last week I can now see behind me!
    You hit all the sore spots with me – strong, independent women whose IQ drops to that of lettuce just being around a Dom; SELF-made billionaires who can’t deliver a complete sentence, and that whole caveman mentality…ugh! *Resists the urge to roll eyes…again!) I hate it even in erotica because there’s no sensuality to it. *ROFL @hermits and jungle men!*

    This post is EVERYTHING! May the snark be with you! 😉

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    1. Karissa Thorpe says:

      You know, right. That was just one car crash of a book. SMH

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  2. Reblogged this on Nesie's Place and commented:
    Karissa’s on full blast – Listen Up! 😉

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