Secrets, lies, mystery, and music combined in a love story @ThiaFinnCGrif #RockerRomance



Becks, A Rockstar Romance Duet, Part I


Tragedy. Catastrophe. Disaster.

Three words that strike fear into most people. Mix them with a raging fire covering family secrets and it’s an incident that should stay buried in the ashes.

What happens though, when your world is flashed out there for all to see?

Becks, a hot new rocker, finds out the hard way that secrets don’t always stay hidden, especially when they burn red hot.

Sophie joins Becks on tour as they unite voices, becoming a dominating duet in the music scene. She wants nothing more than to soar, taking her singing career to the next level. With Becks by her side, and maybe in her bed, they can accomplish anything.

But secrets left from the past left to smolder will spark, reignite, and spread out of control when least expected.

Secrets, lies, mystery, and music combined in a love story.



“What club do you play in?” He continued to try and make conversation when he could shut up and leave. Didn’t he realize the two of them sitting there made me more nervous?

“High Five Bar.”

“Oh, I know that place.” He looked toward the bar that sat at the opposite corner of the block. “At least you’re not walking too far to your bus every night. I guess that’s a plus.”

“Look, dude. I don’t need or want your approval for what I do or where I go. I’m sitting here minding my own business that you and your friend are trying your best to climb into. He can start his big-boy toy and go home. I’ll be fine.” Wishing I could actually see his face when I finished my rant, I watched him hoping it would drive home the point and they should leave. No such luck.

“You’re right. What you do is none of our business, but I couldn’t live with myself if I found out you’d been hurt while sitting here, and I did nothing to help you. I’ll stop asking questions, but we aren’t leaving until you take a seat on the bus.”


“Damn right, it’s fine.”

The sound of laughter from the other man filled the night air. I couldn’t tell anything about him with the darkness surrounding him inside the cab.

“Hey lady, you’re the only woman I’ve ever met who’s more stubborn than Becks.”

“Not talking, remember?”

“No, Becks said he wasn’t asking any more questions. He said nothing about me talking.”

My head whipped around to look past the long, blond-haired man. “So, he asks questions, and you talk. The two of you make a great pair. Y’all use this scheme with the ladies all the time?”

“No,” the two yelled at the same time.

I heard a loud roar coming down the street as a bus lumbered along carrying its passengers through the night. Happy that I would be one of them, I stood and gathered my bag. Before I stepped closer to the curb, I looked back over my shoulder.

“Thank you for waiting with me.” Mr. Muscles nodded and rolled up his window. I made my way to the second seat to sit where I always did. Glancing out the window, I watched the truck pull away. Just like he said, they left once I sat down. Hmmm, guess there might be some good men still left around.

The doors whooshed closed before the bus pulled away from the curb. As the truck pulled around in front of the bus and sped away, I smiled.

The old me would have climbed in that truck in a heartbeat, but the new me held onto caution. The old me would have prayed they followed the bus to where I lived. The new me kept a smile for a few minutes over them driving away.

The new me was a winner at life. The old me lost life a long time ago.


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Growing up in a small town Texas, Thia Finn discovered life outside of it by attending The University of Texas, only to return home and marry her high-school sweetheart. They raised two successful and beautiful daughters while she taught middle school Language Arts and eventually became a middle school librarian. After thirty-four years, she retired to do her favorite things like travel, spend time off-roading with family and friends, hanging out at the Frio River, reading, and writing.

She currently lives in the same small town where she grew up with her husband and their new Chihuahua puppy, Josie. She can often be found stalking on social media, watching Outlanders, Game of Thrones, and the newest Netflix and HULU dramas.


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