Live long enough to get her revenge. My Soul To Give | Magali A Frechette #PNR @stormowl7




When Celina Leviet escapes the brutal home invasion that kills her husband, she’s left with a bullet in her gut and vengeance in her heart. An alluring demon, Mekaisto, offers an irresistible deal—in exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to get her revenge, but she must hunt and kill the murderers herself.

After sealing the contract, Celina digs into her husband’s past for clues about his murder, and what she uncovers makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

His company never existed.
His family history was a lie.

And he was involved with The Lumen, a shadowy religious order whose members know too much about demons. As the life she thought she knew crumbles around her, Mekaisto’s charms become harder to resist. Forced to face a horrible truth, Celina struggles against her late husband’s betrayal and the dark seduction of the devil she knows.

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The smell of French fries returned and she smiled. “Can I have a hot dog and fries?”He withdrew and his lips curled into a mischievous smile.

She pointed her finger at him. “And before you make any kind of jokes about hot dogs, don’t.”

Kai laughed. “Ah, you know me too well.”

After she finished her lunch, they continued to stroll around the park as she picked at stringy pieces of her cotton candy and then sucked the residue from her fingers when they stuck together. He grabbed at the pink cloud, and she held it out of his reach.

“This is one thing I’m not sharing with you.” She grinned.

He pulled her close. “Everything else is up for grabs then?” He looked so serious she couldn’t utter a single word.

A hawker called out to them, and relief brushed through her for the interruption. Kai shifted his hand into hers and led her to the carnival game dumbbell strength meter.

“Don’t you dare.” She muffled her laugh behind her hand. “You’re going to break it.”

The employee offered a practiced charming smile. “Gonna test your strength to win something for your girl?”

Not half as charming as Kai’s.

“Which prize do you want?” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Seriously, you’re going—”

His gaze pierced her. “Celina.”

She bit her lower lip, scanning through all the stuffed animals, toys, and glittery accessories. Her smile widened. “The stuffed animal there… The dove.”

Kai took the hammer and leaned it against his shoulder as he looked at the top of the game where the bell hung. He turned his head to the side, his eyes locking with Celina’s—his mischievous smile did nothing to reassure her, but she kept quiet.

With one quick swing, Kai brought the hammer down, and the machine exploded in a spray of sparks. A few people around jumped and stared, their mouths opened wide.

I knew it… He broke the damn game.

The man gaped at Kai, but his eyes narrowed and his lips flattened into a thin, straight line across his face when he requested his prize. Celina had to hold his arm so he wouldn’t attack the game host, and Kai relaxed in her grip. She turned her head, trying to glimpse his expression, and fell back as she recognised the harsh planes of his face, his angular cheekbones and the darkness in his eyes. He murmured, the cadence familiar, the words in his Demon language. The stall-holder paled and held out the dove in a trembling hand.

“I should stuff him and put him up as a prize in my realm—we love to win things like that.”

Author bio:

Magali A. Fréchette writes the darker side of stories. Paranormal, dark fantasy, and mystery/thriller, but always with romance – she’s an extremist and loves both dark and cute things. All her stories are either set in Canada, or in alternate worlds (makes sense since she’s Canadian, right?).

Magali wrote her first story when she was 12 years old (and she’ll never speak of it again!), but started taking her writing seriously three years later. Since then, she always writes. It’s always been a dream to be a published author, and she can happily say she’s reached that first goal and plans on continuing writing and publishing for the rest of her days.

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