Plans get complicated | The Friend Contract by Dria Andersen #PNR #blackromance #shifters @ItsAAndersen

A fake, fake marriage? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Gabe is at the point where he’ll do anything to convince Naomi to give him a chance, even going so far as to hatch up a fake marriage plot. Though the plan is fiction, his love for her is very real.
Naomi would do anything for her best friend, including going along with a fake marriage to help him out of a bind. The heat between them was unexpected, the feelings she started to develop, surprising…scary. They needed boundaries…a contract to keep careful control of the lust flaring between them.
But, plans get complicated, and the bond between them is tested in a ways neither of them ever imagined. Would this contract ruin their friendship? Or would the fake marriage set to flame the sparks that have been floating around them for years?

Content warnings: Book has mention of miscarriage.


Common sense told Gabriel Hamilton that sneaking over the fence of the panther compound would piss them off. But, once he weighed the amount of trouble it would take him to go through their front gate, it pretty much evened out for him. It honestly shouldn’t take that much aggravation just to see his best friend, but he would do anything to see her, including slumming with panthers. It was well known that keeping a bear out of anyplace they wanted to be was near impossible, so really, when he thought about it, him sneaking in was the cats’ fault.
He curled his lips at the scent markers the panthers had all over the place. The acrid smell of cat was on every inch of the property. A proper warning for shifters who had accidentally wandered too far onto their territory. The signs posted everywhere were for the humans. He bypassed it all, his steps light as he sneaked through their security. He growled in irritation as he sidled behind the pool house, keeping close to their fence, inching closer to the back door.
Why Naomi moved damn near across town into the panther’s building when she had a perfectly great condo on the floor below his…okay, wasn’t a mystery. But, still it was aggravating. She’d joined her family’s prowl and was now safely ensconced in the apartment building where the panthers all lived close to the Alpha. Though…how safe was it when he’d easily gotten through their security measures?
He’d need to talk to her about that.
He popped the lock on the rear entrance of the building, cursing when the electronics shocked him. He hissed and shook off the bit of electricity as he worked through the lock. He took his time disabling it, putting the lock back in place once he was done to buy time before they knew he was there. He straightened and snarled in surprise as two females in panther form passed him in the hallway of the first floor. He walked past the lobby, hidden, thankfully by the large planters the cats insisted on having everywhere. It gave the whole space an exotic feeling, especially coupled with all the windows. It was perfect for him to slip past the security.  

Read longer excerpt on Dria’s blog.

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