Daughter of the Fae by Tierra Cox #Fantasy #Interracial #PNR

Lia, Seokjin, and Yin find themselves in the Underground on a mission to rescue Airis, the Fae prince, from the vampire lord, Albain. Things grow tumultuous for the trio, and soon the very secret that Seokjin fought to keep is revealed, threatening the relationship he has with Lia.

Lia is jerked into the reality of the actions of her mother, and the consequences they now have to face because of those actions. Keeping one foot on the mortal plane and the other in the Underground, she struggles to come to terms with who she is in this world, the lies she’s been fed, and her feelings for the demon whose role in her life has transformed into more than just being her familiar.

He’s the man she loves.


“You will not weep for those you have created and have now killed?” 
“WIll you not?” Ashur strained against the rope. “You murdered your own people! I sought to lift you up on a pedestal! I would have the world praise you and caress your skin in blood. They would know your name and praise it on high ’til the end of time! You forced me to create my own people!” Hanging his head, Ashur scoffed. “Have I wept? As you wept for your people, First?” 

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