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Midnight Dreary 


Some Late Visitor 


Bleak December 


Author: Rachael Rawlings 


Series: A Raven Mystery Series





What would you do to save your neighbors when a serial killer comes to town?


Lenore doesn’t quite fit in Lawrence, Indiana.

Tattoos, goth clothes, and loud music are rare.

Her old dog and a talking raven as roommates, rarer still.

And being granddaughter of the town’s only reputed witch and best friends with a brilliant autistic girl, rarest of all.

Then bodies start turning up, and Lenore must act.

She will have to pair up with another misfit, the quirky and undeniably wealthy Ramsey who thinks he’s a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, to stop the murderer.

It’s a race to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again.

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There are bodies turning up in the quarry.

The little town of Lawrence is turned upside down.

And when Lenore heads back to her ancestral home, Ramsey is back.

Lenore likes her town, her quirky friends, her tattered raven, and old pit bull. She likes being a little different, and living in the ‘witch’s castle’ doesn’t bother her at all. Until the bodies show up in her backyard.

Now she and Ramsey must solve the mystery before an old murder becomes a modern day tragedy.

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Lenore’s life has taken a fantastic shift.

One cryptic letter from her father, and Lenore needs to know more.

Then he disappears.

Now Lenore and Ramsey are on a hunt for the one person who can give Lenore an answer about her family’s history.

What is her supernatural lineage? Who is Ramsey? Why is he so important to her?

Lenore search for answers intensifies when she discovers a danger that threatens them both.

The clock is ticking. Can Lenore discover the truth before it’s too late?









Rachael Rawlings is a full-time mother, writer, pet owner, and Speech Language Pathologist. She likes the unusual and quirky.

She lives in her hometown of Crestwood, Kentucky with her three children, Faith, Nicholas, and Chase. She has three dogs, a couple geckos, and five loudmouthed birds she is pretty sure are talking about her behind her back.

She thrives on good coffee, chocolate, and great friends and family.  To learn more about Rachael’s work and her upcoming releases, visit her on her website




twitter: @RachaelRawlings






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