Everyone is disposable. So why is she different? @MilaRaphael #BoxSet #KindleUnlimited

Title: Double Series: Boxset 
Author: Mila Raphael 
Genre: Romance, Suspense 
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Double Life + Double Lies finally in a boxset for readers enjoyment. 

The moment I entered his home, I was under a mission; 
Meant to gather intel to bring him down, but the moment I let him touch me the lines blurred and I knew neither of us would be the same. 

Ruby Harrier is one of CIA’s top agents, and going undercover is nothing new to her, as a master of disguise she never lets her emotions get in the way. . . until him. 

Viktor Pragma is a mystery; 
He never lets anyone get too close to know the person behind the gun, the cold hearted killer always finds a way to escape, even when there’s no way out. 

Everyone is disposable. . . so why is she different? 
Can a life entwined with lies turn into a forever kind of love, or is this just lust that will turn into excruciating pain for both of us?



Mila Raphael has a very vivid imagination. 
She is slightly addicted to memes.
She loves romance books, alpha males and spends hours dreaming about her next novel.
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