He had waited his entire immortal life for his mate #PNR @QueenOfTheBreed


The Breed: Memphis’ Faith, an all-new paranormal romance by Alice K. Wayne is NOW LIVE!

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Memphis had waited his entire immortal life for his mate. The one woman he could love and cherish, unrestrained by time or regulation. What he got, however, was a mate who did not wish for love. She scorned the thought of it, burning his hopes with her cold disdain for all that life had handed her. Faith Dunaway wished only for death.

For Faith, being taken away to the Breed was not a rescue mission. She had simply been moved from one prison to another. After years of torture and abuse, there was nothing left of her; She was too broken to be saved. She didn’t care about the war around her, didn’t want to know what the Hunters’ experiments had truly done to her- And above all else, she refused to belong to another man.
The greatest challenge Memphis would ever face, would be to keep his faith, and convince his mate to love not only him, but more importantly, to love herself.

This is the THIRD book in an ongoing series.

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